A camera . i need

i had been ‘camera-less’ since i sold of my Canon 500D during early this year. Thought of buying a smart camera or a semi DSLR which easier for me to bring around but until now i just can’t decide which is good for me and i can’t afford to get one in this meanwhile.

By seeing my travel pictures, i feel a little bit down because the iphone4s quality wasn’t good enough.

I should work harder to get one. 🙂 Save more!


After much of considering, finally i got a second-hand Fujifilm x100 from a friend of mine. Which a camera that i dreamed for previously.
Besides, i bought an Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader (RM109) for me to transfer the photos to my iPad when i’m travel, so that i can upload it to Facebook or Instagram when ever i like.

Bring my new baby to my last trip to Cherating few days ago. 🙂 Just so match my style.. haha!


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