the Wedding Venue

From the day we planning for wedding, Chinese banquet seems to be our last choice because we looking for something different. So, we slowly seeks for suitable venues. It was kind hard when it comes to budget wise and also our numbers of guests are kinda big.

We came across places like Passion Road (which I found one of the blogger I always follow did their wedding there), Ciao (an Italian restaurant) and Zebra Square (which my friend introduced). Zebra Square is totally out of our budget because their just provide an empty space for event and we need to pay for every single thing that we gonna use. Ciao is a very nice restaurant which I love it a lot, their interior is totally my taste and my style but we don’t have so much budget for it. So, at last back to our first choice – Passion Road.

We had made an appointment with the person in-charge of Passion Road – Vinc before we headed to the place. He had show us around the places and give some brief explanation. I had placed a booking  there before bringing my fiance to have a look again.

So, after the fiance saw the place, he agree and love it, and we officially confirm the venue finally!

Passion Road

M: 6016 470 3140
T: 603 2166 7111
F: 603 2166 0711
FB: PassionRoadKL
A: No.16 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Gonna write another post after the wedding actual day.


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